3 Reasons Why Cryptos Are Here To Stay

Thanks to Tamasu from Pexels.


We’re an every day more individualistic society, ‘Be yourself’ is the most overused slogan, from t-shirts to new age thinking: we like to be individuals and we do not like that banks and other people can manage our money for us, we want total control and anonimity about our bucks, and we want it instantly, what is better than a good blockchain? The decentralised system on which it is based assures that the economic power comes back to the people, and not to the already rich and influencial ones that sway the world economy.


Virtual reality is as real as the normal one, that’s for sure. We live two lives, one in the world and another on our smartphones, let alone if we play online videogames , thousands of lives! The main thing among crypto-skeptics is that they’re virtual, without a bank creating them; isn’t a major part of your social life of the same kind, not material? Everything is turning less and less material in this world, maybe, in a not so far future, the holodeck of Star Trek will become a reality, who knows! But it’s for sure that virtuality is the direction in which we’re moving as a species, and we cannot deny that or even go against it, you will be cut off from evolution if you do so.


Nietzsche, the 19th century german philosopher said: “God is dead, and we killed him!”. With this quote he meant that every value of every kind, political, social and religious has passed away because we took off the value that once we gave to them. This thought in philosophical terms is called nihilism, from the latin word ‘nihil’ nothing: nothing has real value, things are valuable because we deem them as such. Money are important for this reason, they are a symbol of wealth. The same is true for cryptocurrencies, they’re symbol, nothing else. But symbol of what? Of many things, hilarity like memecoins, idealism like Bitcoin, but in the end they’re symbols of freedom, that’s why they’ll have a place in our future wallets and ultimately in our own hearts.



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