We have to be grateful that China and Russia are no longer in the crypto market.

Now that China, Russia and their miners are out of the game, the crypto show can really begin. Their previous big influence on Bitcoin is antithetical with its fundamental ideas and principles: freedom and decentralisation. They have lost a huge train, they could have been ahead into the future, with…

Generative art from 3 letters of the title of this poem.

I’m dynamite, wiping castles of lies, destroying every monster of injustice, eradicating each weed of ugliness, this is my nature, my demon, I have to follow him, he’s my destiny, my doom, my fate, I cannot just sit down and wait, time is too short to dream anymore, wake up! To your true voice, to your most sublime feeling, to your soul! Only doing so, you can stand to be alone, because you’ll be no longer alone, you’ll be in your company.

Nine seems to be the right answer.

The theory of multiple intelligences

The American psychologist Howard Gardner, in his book Formae Mentis, on the basis of research and literature on subjects suffering from lesions of neuropsychological interest, manages to distinguish as many as nine fundamental forms of intelligence, deriving from different structures of the brain…

A hobby that you don’t know you’ll love.

The Attention Machine

The Universe is avid of attention, everything is. Where we focus our minds, there life throbbles: like a laser properly focused excites the particles it aims. Even in quantum mechanics attention plays a key role; in the Copenaghen interpretation, provided mainly by…

The academic shaman that shocked America.

Carlos Castaneda was a mysterious figure of the 19th century, an Ucla anthropologist and a shaman, a real one. He was studying medical plants for his thesis in the New Mexico desert, and he was introduced to a local expert, Don Juan: he captured…


A physics student passionate about everything. Photographer and crypto artist at https://opensea.io/Vertrose .

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