Every Belief Is False, Believe Me!

Religious, scientific or non-belief, being without beliefs is the best way to be.

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Religious beliefs ruled the world since the beginning of human life on earth: from tribal credos in natural forces as gods to the organised religions that we know today, the history of humanity is governed by believing in something uprovable and unreachable; the funny thing about this kind of belief is that for example faith is something to be proud of: only few people, the elected ones, can have access to this superpower of putting their life into some invisible entity’s hands hoping that doing so will guarantee them a lifetime without sorrow or pain of any sort. And if otherwise they experience those things, they are already part of the big plan that this entity has for them. Such preconceptions blocked the way to investigate further the meaning and role of human life on earth: if I die I know where I’ll go, to Heaven if I’m a good practicioner, to Hell if I’m a bad one. This at least is a security! I don’t have to bother with such loaded questions, so I can enjoy my short ended journey towards nothingness in a smooth way!


Another kind of belief very common today is the scientific one: believing blindly in science is as dumb as having faith in the sacred books. I mean, scientific theories change as the weather, it makes no sense to attach your mind to one of them in particular, they’re all models of reality, not reality itself. You could argue that at least this beliefs are proved by experience, but I can replay that in the first place was not your experience but someone else’s, in second place scientific laws are not experiences but an interpretation of them using math. Is math totally reliable and perfect? Maybe in the Plato’s world of ideas yes, but in reality you could write a totally made up theory in mathematical language, something not provable and far away from reality. String theory, that requires the existence of at least 10 dimensions, is a good example: flawless as far as the math is concerned, but unproven since the seventies, when it was concieved. Said so, scientific beliefs seem better of religious one because of the veil of rationality enveloping them, but we can do better than this, follow through!

Non-Belief vs No Belief

So is believing in nothing, like an atheist, the answer? No, it’s not. Believing in nothing is also a belief, and the worst type! If you are an atheist for example, you feel like you’re smarter than a common believer because you freed yourself of believing in something, but your disbelieving is a believing too! So you’re still trapped in the same mind prison as before. What’s the solution than? Is there a state in which you can stay without attaching your mind to any belief? Yes! And it’s the smartest one: don’t believe in anything, even in non believing! Only if you do not have a ready made answear for everything you will look deeply into things and find your answer, not someone else’s. It’s easy? No, it’s terribly difficult but exciting at the same time: all of a sudden you don’t know anything, the world is anew, like a new born child in awe with this crazy miracle called existence.

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