Here’s What I’ve Learnt From Playing Chess

Chess is a life school, if you’re good at chess you’re good at life.

Thanks to tweetyspics from Pixabay.

Timing Is Eveything

Doing the right move at the right time is crucial, one second after and your king is dead. Chess is pitiless, you don’t have a second chance, one shot only, you do the right thing or you lose, no coming back: doesn’t remind you of something you know very well? Something called life. Life is ruthless, you are on a one-way trip, no pauses, no turning back. Chess is life on a scale, if you put attention to the game, you will put attention to life too.

Attention To The Details

Details are everything, I cannot stress this point enough: a pawn that you didn’t notice can be the feather on your opponent’s weighter plate that determines your demise. Playing the game can help your attention span and intensity in real life dramatically: normal people are not good at chess because they’re not accustomed to sustain they’re attention focus for so long and with such dept. Life isn’t so different either: the situations that we find ourself in are composed of particulars, minutia; many times in our living, those details change our condition completely. That’s way playing chess will change your perception of the environment and the relationship between the things.

Decision Making

If you’re a good chess player, you’re a good decision-maker, it’s as simple as that. Every moves fortifies your decision center, that place inside of us where we make choices: the more calls we make, the stronger our center becomes. Playing on the chessboard means taking a decision after another, it’s like a concentrated version of life, a life training for learning to make good and precise choices.


Precision of thought and movement: every move has to be calculated precisely, otherwise the opponent will take advantage of your miscalculation and will capture your queen. Watching professional players I was fascinated by the accuracy with which they moved their pieces, a perfect movement without any useless wavering. These two aspects of our body-minds are rarely that developed: our thoughts are confusonary most of the times and our bodies make a lot of useless movement; chess is the ultimate remedy to refine our thinking and moving processes.

Having Fun

Have I convinced you to play chess? I hope so, but if you’re still wavering, let me tell you one last thing: have fun! Yes, have fun! Play because you love the game, the possible combinations that you can encounter and the mistery of this ancient game! And the even older game called life is no less misterious and funny, so have fun in life as much as you have in chess, they both are games that deserve the right dose of hilarity and playfulness!

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