If The Earth Would Spin Faster And Faster, What Will Happen?

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  • It would change our weight and the force of gravity on the planet.
  • The days would become shorter and shorter, the internal clocks of our bodies would no longer be able to stabilize and we would live in constant worse and worse jet lag (of course this would also be catastrophic for the life of animals and plants).
  • Hurricanes would be much more powerful.
  • All equatorial regions would end up under water and we would probably only see the Andes mountain range and Kilimanjaro (plus there would be constant rain).
  • Ever stronger earthquakes would shatter the earth’s crust.



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A physics student passionate about everything. Photographer and cryptoartist at https://opensea.io/Vertrose, author of “The Red Ant” https://www.amazon.it/Red-A