iPhone 14, No Notch Nor Sim

Between clues and suppositions, the certainty always remains the same: the new smartphone signed by Apple will be crazy.

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September is approaching and, for about fifteen years now, this means only one thing: a new iPhone is on the way. As always, there are many rumors leaked in the last period, even if Apple has accustomed us to numerous twists during the launch event. However, some sources that have proved reliable in the past have left some messages on their channels and the news for this new generation of smartphones already seem to be several. In the following lines I have collected everything I have managed to discover: to understand how much truth there is, however, we will have to wait until the beginning of autumn, day more day less.

The new iPhone will be a revolution

The same story every year: Apple, in view of the release of the new iPhone, always announces a revolution. This time, however, the promise seems to be confirmed by some assumptions: there are those who say, in fact, that the new device family will be orphan of one of the top models of the last two generations: the mini, which could be destined to disappear, replaced by a much bigger brother. In fact, the new Max could be confirmed, although it has not yet been clarified whether it will simply be a new version of the Pro Max or an unreleased variant. We know this because the photo portraying the dimensions of the new smartphones was leaked on some social networks: a not exceptional event, given that all the manufacturers send them in advance to the companies that generate the covers so that the market can offer them at the same time. The shots portray the mobile phones only in the back and the design does not seem to differ much from that of the iPhone 13. The news, therefore, could focus on the screen: it seems almost certain, in fact, that the top notch will disappear. which currently houses the camera and the sensor for facial recognition to give greater ease to the display.

What will replace the notch in the new iPhone?

Those who say they have recovered the technical drawings of the new iPhone say that the notch will be replaced by a double hole in the glass: a round and wider one for the selfie camera, and an oval one for the Face ID function that allows you to unlock the smartphone by scanning the features of the owner’s face. As mentioned, the rest of the design should not present too many changes: the line held by Apple, therefore, seems to be that of the continuity between the iPhone 13 and 14. It is likely, however, that the thickness of the device will be reduced to decrease the overall weight of the mobile phone, especially in the larger models: fans of the brand, in fact, had complained about the excessive weight of the Pro Max version.

The new iPhone will be SIM-free

One of the most revolutionary innovations of the new iPhone, however, seems to be the disappearance of the physical SIM card: the very element that has always accompanied the entire development of mobile telephony (while shrinking until it becomes almost invisible) may therefore no longer exist. starting from September 2022. The event, however, would be truly unsettling: it is more likely, therefore, that an iPhone model compatible only with eSIM can be inserted as a variant only for those who wish it and that, at its side, Apple continue to produce even the more traditional versions. The eSIM (embedded subscriber identity module) is a method of accessing data and cellular telephony services. Unlike a traditional SIM card, of which it represents an alternative, this is an integrated circuit soldered into the device on which it is mounted, for this reason it is not physically removable. Once activated, it allows a device to register and access mobile networks. It represents the virtual version of the SIM, integrated directly into the device without any physical support. To activate it, just let the smartphone read a QR code.

The technical innovations planned for the iPhone 14

Turning to the technical innovations, however, it seems that the hardware of the new Apple mobile phone will be equipped for the first time with 8 GB of Ram, thus far exceeding the 6 included in the previous model. As for the camera — now an increasingly important element in the top of the range of each manufacturer -, this will keep the three sensors that have become classic, even if the main one will go from the current 12 megapixels to the impressive future 48 megapixels; the wide-angle and the telephoto lens, however, should settle on the 12 megapixels already implemented now. Another important change should concern the charging cable: it seems, in fact, that the current standard port will be replaced with USB-C, although not everyone seems convinced that this can happen. Finally, due to the international crisis we are experiencing, it is possible that the new Apple smartphones will keep the iPhone 13 chip: the company, in fact, would seem to be in great difficulty in developing a new 3-nanometer architecture. In any case, we just have to wait for its entry on the market to touch the new product firsthand and see if, this year, the sources have proved to be truly reliable. The launch with Tim Cook should take place between 9 and 16 September: even on this, however, there is no certainty.



A physics student passionate about everything. Photographer and cryptoartist at https://opensea.io/Vertrose. Author of "The Red Ant" https://amzn.eu/d/aJ5VitR

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A physics student passionate about everything. Photographer and cryptoartist at https://opensea.io/Vertrose. Author of "The Red Ant" https://amzn.eu/d/aJ5VitR