Pilot Sees Ufo And Publishes The Video On TikTok: “Do you think it is an alien object?”

2 min readSep 25, 2022
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An airliner pilot claims to have spotted a UFO during a flight. She decided to tell about the extraordinary encounter on Tiktok. The account belongs to a young girl who claims to be an employee of a well-known airliner company.

Pilot Sees UFO, The Video

The young pilot had just taken off from the airport of Puebla (Mexico) when she, looking up at the sky, noticed a singular object. “Mine was a flight like any other, until I saw this one. What do you think it is? Do you think it is a UFO?”, asked the Mexican user who claims to be a pilot to her followers. The girl who has the @pilotise account is followed by over a million followers. In the video that soon went viral, an unidentified object can be seen in the blue sky. Above, the user has also inserted the emoticon of a ufo.

Comments: “it was probably Goku”

In the comments of the video, users quickly made irony. “It was probably Goku”, someone wrote. But there were also those who supported the pilot’s hypothesis: “the automatic background voice is even more disturbing than the UFO itself, perhaps she too was praying in an unknown language”. In fact, there are many airline pilots who over the years have reported sighting unidentified flying objects in the skies: many of these have since become real investigative cases by the competent authorities, including the Pentagon.


I don’t think the video is authentic, you can see it for yourself in the link I provided previously; it seems too perfect, clear and almost CG (computer graphics), if I’m being honest: and also her reaction is fake, I mean, if you see an actual UFO you don’t fake a reaction, you’re startled naturally, without needing to pretend or feign. This is what I think, and what do you think? Is this UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) sighting legit?


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