What Are Déjà Vu? Now We Know

2 min readNov 12, 2022
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The Matrix film had managed to give an explanation of déjà vu. As that world is actually a huge simulation created by machines to enslave humanity, the deja vu was simply a small alteration of the program. If they changed something within the “matrix” the result was that you felt like you were feeling something twice.

Actually, what is déjà vu?

But in reality, how can this phenomenon be explained? At the beginning of this millennium, a scientist named Alan Brown decided to conduct a review of everything that researchers had written about déjà vu up to that point. Most of what came out was about paranormal ruminations, but in the end all that collected data yielded some fruit. For example, Brown has determined that about two-thirds of people experience déjà vu at some point in their life. He has determined that the most common trigger for déjà vu is a scene or place and the next most common trigger is a conversation.

What causes déjà vu?

Today, thanks to the enormous work of the professor, a research group has conducted experiments on this strange mechanism. This research suggests that a contributing factor to déjà vu may be the spatial similarity of a new scene to one in memory that is currently not consciously recalled. To study this idea in the lab, the team used virtual reality to position people within scenes. In this way the scientists could manipulate the environments in which they were located: some shared the same spatial arrangement while being distinct. There the mechanism was unleashed. This is not the only factor that triggers this strange brain spring. The other research underway right now will hopefully reveal the mystery to us.

What I do think about déjà vu

I think that the hypothesis of these scientists are correct, the similarities and the routines that we created in our daily lives surely influence and generate this kind of perceptions, but I think also of a more metaphysical cause: past lives. I think that these kind of experiences are symptoms and flashes of previous lives, as simple as that.


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