Why Nfts Are The Thing Right Now?

Can’t I just copy and paste the images I like?

This is one of my New York nfts, you can find it on https://t.co/1Hsu38uCKk?amp=1 .

You can just copy the image above and that’s it, right?! Why do I need to pay to have it? These are three reasons why you should pay for that, and why people actually spend millions of dollars on this pictures:

Platonic Ideas

Plato, the 5th century B.C. philosopher, thought that this world is only a copy of the Hyperuranium, a celestial dimension in which the idea of everything lies, e.g. : the idea of beauty, goodness and truth are the essence of these concepts, which we tend to pursue in the reflections we have on the material world. We never meet beauty, only a beautiful person or thing. Nfts are just like that; when you buy some jpeg and you store it on your wallet, basically you’re buying the idea of the thing you’ve paid for. You could have saved it and the result wouldn’t have been much different, apart from the uniqueness of the blockchain address owned by you. So, at the end of the day, the only thing that we really own is an idea, that’s all. And some ideas are really expensive, like 3 millions dollars and more. But with the web everything is turning virtual, from money to art: it seems like the dream of Plato is getting real, the world of illusion turning into ideas, the false becoming truth.

Giving And Recieving

Another thing that the IT world gave us is the idea that we can have everything we want at no price, everything is free as long as we give our data to the providers. I’m sorry, art can’t be like that. An artist spends hours of his busy life creating wonderful artworks, therefore it’s dutiful to give back what he gives to us. Paying for what you consume it’s really educational and just. Nfts are giving back to artists and creators the dignity and the financial return that they deserve, despite the flattening of these values due to a wild virtual world.

Uniqeuness And Fancy

The boom of the nfts world is due manly tothese two reasons: uniqueness and fancy. Everybody wants to feel exclusive and fashionable: what’s best than having a 1/1 cryptopunk for hundred thousand of dollars? I am the only owner of it on the entire blockchain, and I’m cool because nfts are the thing at the moment. People pay for being special to other people eyes and also to their own. Art is no longer a way to transmit something important to the viewer, it only serves the selfish impulses of our famished egos, avid of attention from the others, like a small child neglected by his parents.

A physics student passionate about everything. Photographer and crypto artist at https://opensea.io/Vertrose .